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Valent (adjective) va·​lent | \ ˈvā-lənt  \ :

having valence —

1) the combining power of an element; 

2) relative capacity to unite, react, or interact.

 Metals | Empowering the Renewables Revolution

Valent Asset Management LLC

Valent Asset Management combines a variety of elements into a strategy well positioned to benefit from the opportunities arising out of the Renewables Revolution


The Renewables Revolution

A massive shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy that will place metals at the center of a cleaner, more connected and sustainable world

The Opportunity in Metals
A sector whose production is poorly situated to respond to the rising step change in demand

A Diverse and Experienced Team
An experienced and diverse team with a proven track record of finding, quantifying, and profiting from imbalances within the sector

A Strategy Designed for the Moment
Strategy perfectly situated to provide unique, uncorrelated exposure to vital sections of the supply chain necessary to realize the Renewables Revolution


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